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Blue-Sky Day

This one is one to remember…..

Once again, we will come together as a community to honor and to celebrate our very special children This year we will be watching and admiring from the comfort of our home starting at 10:30am EST.

Join in our virtual observance this year will be families from around the world who are also facing the challenges of living with Rett Syndrome. 

We invite families from around the world to join us in this celebration of our amazing children. There are two ways families can participate. We need your help to make this day amazing! 

There are two ways families can participate.  

  1. To attend please submit your email address to  rettsyndromemassachusetts@gmail.comThe  festivities will include videos/photos showcasing our children from around the world! 
  2. We also invite you to share videos/photos of how amazing your child is so we can continue the tradition of honoring our children in a very personal way. (showing their strength and resilience)

Submission of video/picture:   rettsyndromemassachusetts@gmail.com 

(By sending your submissions of videos/pics you give RSAM the discretion to use on all social media platforms)

Include your child’s name, age and place of living (country or state) 

Please make this a “silent movie.”  Do not include sound.

Your video/picture submission should be less than one minute long           



 Submissions to:

rettsyndromemassachusetts@gmail.com                                                     Deadline to RSVP: Sept. 30th, 2020

Did you know Boston has continued on this event for ten consecutive years despite many challenges? Not even a Pandemic is going to stop us! It all started  as Blue Sky Girls with an idea from  Dr. Sasha Djukic from the Rett Clinic/ New York to have families from all over the world gather at the same time and climb stairs.

“Each year in October the Blue Sky Girls was an event that is celebrated at multiple sites around the world. The purpose of the event is to celebrate Rett Syndrome Month and the strength and will that girls with Rett Syndrome have shown to keep going no matter the odds and the difficulties they face every minute of their lives.

Climbing stairs is a symbolic gesture, because climbing takes you upward and forward even if it is difficult.”  Just the past recent years, the name changed to Blue Sky Day as more boys have been diagnosed with this disorder.

The Boston Children’s Hospital Rett Program Team celebrating Blue Sky Day at our Purple Sky Night themed selfie station 2019.

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